Rainforest B&B could be your home in Georgetown, Guyana; two stories with 12 and 20 foot ceilings. Guests have the run of downstairs with kitchen, living area, wireless computer service, and garden access veranda, and share the upper veranda on special occasions.

Guests enjoy the peacefulness of our garden and different inside & outside environments. One called it “a safe haven in a crazy but interesting city,” another, “Georgetown’s Jewel.” Visitors enjoy our antique furniture, historical artifacts and extensive collection of Guyanese art.

A high percentage of our guests are engaged in hinterland development work or research on Guyana’s bountiful natural resources. Specialists in diverse aspects of agriculture and rural development, and researchers of plants, birds, butterflies, fish, alligators and monkeys have all made Rainforest B&B their temporary home.

If you are helping Guyana, we want to facilitate your efforts as effectively as possible.

Of course, regular tourists are more than welcome!


Rainforest B&B Guyana

272 Forshaw Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana

Please note:

If you are cancelling a reservation (in writing or verbal), please give us 48 hours notice.

Manager: Syeada Manbodh

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +592-227-7800

Mobile: +592-617-0844

Mobile: +592-646-3924